We believe our CBD oil is the finest you can buy for your furry companion, and that's why we back CBDPet with a 90 day money-back guarantee.

100% Organic

Organically Grown

Our hemp oil products are derived from the highest-quality industrial hemp grown organically in the United States on a family farm in Colorado.

Third Party Tested

Third-Party Tested

Every bottle of CBDPet has been tested by an independent third party lab to make sure your pet gets the full benefits of ultra-pure CBD oil.



Join thousands of satisfied pet owners worldwide and see for yourself what CBDPet can do for your furry companion's well-being.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 80+ cannabinoids found in hemp – compounds which support the various physiological activities within mammals via the endocannabinoid system.

CBD has the remarkable ability to harmonize and balance the biological systems and stimulate substantial improvements in health. CBD is non-psychoactive (it cannot produce a “high”), non-toxic, and safe for daily use. It shows promise in supporting:

  • Neurology & Cognitive Function
  • Immunity & Allergy Systems
  • Hip & Joint Mobility
  • Relief of Soreness / Pain
  • Relaxation & Comfort
  • Everyday Health & Wellness

The Science Behind CBDPet

CBDPet & Your Pet

CBDPet & Your Pet

CBDPet is easy to use! Simply add it to your pet’s food to stimulate countless health benefits including improved behavior, pain relief, muscle/joint health, and all-around wellbeing.

Each daily serving of CBDPet Hemp Oil delivers 3.3mg of premium quality, all-natural, human-grade, full-spectrum cannabidiol.

CBDPet may help your pet feel more relaxed which can, in turn, reduce aggression, urination/marking problems, and excessive barking or vocalization.

CBDPet is a fantastic supplement for older pets that are starting to experience declining health. It is a rejuvenating, time-honored herbal remedy that really works.

Success Stories

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CBDPet Products Safe and Effective

Safe and Effective

CBDPet products are trusted by holistic health professionals and health-conscious pet owners everywhere. You’re getting a dynamic plant-based health & vitality supplement backed by rigorous scientific research, third-party lab verification for purity, and a generous money-back guarantee. Rest assured, your furry companion will get all the phenomenal benefits without harsh side effects.

90 day Guarantee

Try CBDPet, Risk-Free.

We stand behind CBDPet 100% and know your pet will get excellent results from cannabidiol supplementation. That’s why your purchase is backed by a 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason at all, simply return the unused portion for a FULL refund of your purchase price. It’s that simple!

CBDPet Hemp Oil Extract

100% Organically Grown Hemp - Certified Pure

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