CBDPets Success Stories


"Daisy, my rescued Chihuahua, severely suffered with past trauma. I tried different natural remedies, but it wasn't until I added CBDPet to her daily routine that I noticed a huge difference. She has stopped shaking, is very calm, and we have now had the chance to bond more."

David (Portland, OR)


"CBDPet has been just what Jackson needed. He was aggressive and had behavioral issues that have now been corrected. Within a week, I could already notice a huge difference in him. I was surprised considering he is 15 years old and set in his ways. Thank you, CBDPet!"

Kathleen (Sedona, AZ)


"When Rosie started having epileptic seizures, it added a big scare to my family's lives. She is like another one of my children and I didn't know what to do. Thankfully, my friend Anita told me to try CBD oil and it's been like a miracle for us. I love that I'm giving her something natural too."

Stella (Knoxville, TN)


"I've been a veterinarian for over 15 years and CBD oil has been a blessing for my patients and for my own family. I trust CBDPet as being the highest quality on the market and it has tremendously helped our family cat, Max, with his battle with feline leukemia. "

Dr. Annie (Austin, TX)


"When our 12 yr old Doberman Beaux was diagnosed with DCM, he immediately stopped eating and lacked cognitive function with all the prescribed meds. We began researching options and decided to give CBD Oil a try. Within a few weeks his joints didn't bother him as much, he gained back cognitive function and his appetite increased. We have become believers in the incredible benefits of CBD Oil and highly recommend it to other dog owners."

Trisha L (New Orleans, LA)

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