If Your Dog Goes Crazy When You Leave...

    Separation anxiety is the most common mental health problem in dogs — and unruly behavior could be a sign yours is suffering.

    "Oh no... Not again!"

    You come home from work only to find that your furry friend has trashed the place.

    He's house trained — and yet he soiled the rug...

    And scratched up the inside of the front door...

    And probably barked his head off for hours and hours.

    "But he knows better than that!"

    If you think he's just being a "bad boy" — or punishing you for leaving — know that it could also be separation anxiety.

    Think of separation anxiety like a doggy panic attack that over-stimulates his nervous system so much that he temporarily "goes crazy" and forgets all the house rules.

    A recent survey revealed how dogs with separation anxiety react to being left alone...

    • Howling, barking, or whining (40%)
    • Chewing things up (29%)
    • Pacing or restlessness (25%)
    • Urinating or defecating (22%)
    • Not eating (15%)
    • Escaping (13%)
    • Excessive drooling (7%)

    Just in case you're wondering if this behavior is normal, or if you're a bad puppy parent...

    20% of dogs currently struggle with separation anxiety, and 50% of all dogs have shown signs of separation anxiety at least once in their lifetime.

    What Causes Separation Anxiety?

    We don't know why some dogs suffer so much when their person leaves, but research shows that separation anxiety is more common when a dog has experienced...

    • Early weaning between birth and 16-weeks

    • Spending time in an animal shelter 

    • Change of home or guardian

    • Sudden changes in environment or daily routine

    • Not getting enough exercise

    5 Common Separation Anxiety Mistakes

    Many well-meaning dog lovers try to fix the problem in ways that don't work — and may even make the problem worse:


    Getting another dog: Research studies show that this rarely works because your dog's anxiety is caused by separation from you, not from general loneliness or boredom.


    Locking him up: Putting your dog in a small room or crate is dangerous because he will still engage in his anxiety responses (like urinating and defecating) but being in a confined space makes the behavior more dangerous to his health.


    Punishment: Your dog is acting out because his nervous system is overstimulated — punishment will only make the situation worse.


    Background noise: Dogs are very sound-centric, so forcing them to listen to the radio or TV all day could overstimulate them even more.


    Obedience training: Although training is always a good idea, the "panic mode" caused by separation anxiety often overrides your dog's training.

    Overstimulated Doggy Brains Can Benefit From The Calming Effects of CBD

    In the past, canine behavior issues have been treated with pharmaceutical drugs like antidepressants and even tranquilizers — but these can come with serious side effects including liver and kidney damage.

    Dog CBD Drops

    The last thing you want is to see your four-legged friend suffer, so what can you do?

    More and more dog lovers are turning to CBD as a natural way to help their furry friends get a handle on separation anxiety.

    CBD? For dogs?

    Yes! CBD is a gift from nature, not just for humans, but for dogs too.

    CBD allows dogs to experience more feelings of comfort and wellbeing by acting on the GABA receptors in their little brains.

    GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that stabilizes mood by "putting the breaks on" nervous system traffic.

    Slowing down the nervous system is bad if you're a human who needs to wake up and get going in the morning — but great if you're a dog who's panicking because you can't find your favorite person!

    There hasn't been any research conducted on CBD and anxiety in dogs,but research has been done on dogs and GABA and it reports that they experience...

    In the past, canine behavior issues have been treated with pharmaceutical drugs like antidepressants and even tranquilizers — but these can come with serious side effects including liver and kidney damage.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Dogs and CBD

    Is CBD legal? Yes! CBD is derived from hemp (not marijuana) so it's legal in the USA.

    Will CBD get my dog high? CBD from hemp will not get your dog high because it contains little to no THC — the illegal chemical in marijuana that makes you feel high. The most common side effect of CBD is that your dog may get a little drowsy.

    How do I give my dog CBD? Just put a few drops of CBD oil on their breakfast. Most dogs love how it tastes and will gladly eat it without protest

    How to See if Your Dog Likes CBD — For Free!

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